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Hello Pack Members!

It’s great to be back with our new and improved Pack 3.0. We’ve been working hard to implement customer feedback and are so excited to finally launch! We've just launched on Product Hunt to spread the word and gather feedback. Below is an excerpt:

For context, our origin story / user research went a little something like this:

  • Them - "If I'm honest, I feel slightly amateur wearing my existing backpack. It is what it is." Me - Interesting, tell me more...
  • ...And I always have to lean it against something, could you make one that just stands by my side? - Well, yes.
  • What about the rummaging? I want to be able to see everything at a glance. - Mhmm.
  • Zippers get stuck, left open, and leak. Could it open with the push of a button? - I don’t see why not.
  • And what about security, could it lock? - Definitely.
  • Oh, and it should keep rain out - Roger that.
  • And be insanely comfortable on a long commute. - Hell yes. • Protect and organize all my devices. - Of course.
  • Maybe even let me charge them on the go? - OK. • Hold a water bottle too? - Copy that.
  • Protect my specs? - You got it.
  • Keep its shape, empty or full. - Essential.
  • How about some leather details? - Done.
  • And can I get it monogrammed? - Your wish is my command. 😅

Since version 1.0, we’ve redesigned the mechanics for better feel and durability, the exterior has a more approachable soft-touch, and we’ve reimagined storage - doubling the number of pockets inside and out. Most impactful, we’ve moved manufacturing to a veteran partner who produces for industry leaders Rimowa, Pelican, and Away. This is by far the biggest leap for us in bringing our Pack Members a better product and experience.

We recognize that the Pack is priced at a premium ($449). This is because the components of a hard shell Pack are not just fabrics, but glass-filled nylon, carbon fibre, and mechanical components. We also offer a 30-day try-it-and-love-it guarantee and no-questions-asked warranty to help make it a risk-free investment in one’s daily performance.

Of course the Pack is not for everyone, but it’s been affirming to learn that the vast majority of people who try the Pack never want to carry anything else. I’d love your feedback and impressions.

The Pack 3.0 by Watson - The Tesla of backpacks: meeting-ready @ the push of a button | Product Hunt

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