Your pack #hacked -  create a commuter desk

Your pack #hacked - create a commuter desk

Whether you've been hitting the streets with your new Pack or are still thinking about it - we've got a treat in store for you. Your Pack #hacked: unanticipated uses for our transformative Pack.

Hack #1

Transform your pack into an upright commuter desk.

OK, this is kind of insane because it is a complete surprise. Whether you're a frequent flyer, train commuter, or taking the Google bus to Mountain View - use this hack for an ergonomic setup to knock off some emails.

To use this hack, open your pack and lean it between your lap and the seat in front of you. Rest your laptop between the open lid and the upper edge of the pack. Pictured above is a 13" Macbook Pro that fits nicely. 

A backpack that stands up? Check. A backpack that leans back? Double check.

Hack and image via pack member Nikolai Bratkovski.

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