April 01, 2019

Interior Pockets

By Valerie Crisp
Interior Pockets

Below is a list of improvements currently being prototyped and implemented in the interior of the pack for Watson 2.0.

  1. Add elastic catch for laptop pocket to prevent it from hitting the hardshell bottom.
  2. Secure USB passthrough to the hardshell and clean finish the trim.
  3. Use nylon trim on the tops of all pockets instead of the fabric fold-over method. (Cleaner look, less fabric required).
  4. Increase size of interior zip pocket.
  5. Rivet main pockets to the hardshell for improved support and stability.
  6. Increase width of business card pocket so that the cards sit horizontally and are protected becoming dog-eared.

UPDATE: We're currently field testing our new and improved interior. We've also added a magnetic keeper to prevent laptops from sliding up in adverse conditions.

improvements interior laptop pockets v2