March 27, 2019

Two-factor latch

By Valerie Crisp
Two-factor latch
  1. We've observed that it can be pretty easy to scratch your hand on the lock pawl when extracting your devices. It was intended to be a round smooth part but got overlooked in production. When the parts arrived, we decided not to hold up production for this issue and to get it on the next go around. The tool is being modified to smooth out the sharp corners of this part.
  2. We've received feedback that the symbols that indicate locked vs. unlocked are not clear. Additionally, they aren't perfectly executed and appear a bit smudged. As a brilliant user-submitted solution, we will be getting rid of the symbols and adding a red decal underneath the slider lock. When the pack is locked, the red colour will be visible to clearly indicate that your pack is locked.

UPDATE: For Watson 2.0, we've smoothed out the pointy lock pieces and replace the symbols with a red indicator decal.

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