Straps and handle improvements

March 27, 2019

Straps and handle improvements

Strap rivets

In some of our earliest packs (3%), the rivets used to secure the straps, while very sturdy, were error-prone to install and we didn't have adequate Q/A measures in place to catch it. Most were easy to replace the part but others needed a complete replacement as the rivet was not accessible to repair. Shipping a replacement back and forth was less than ideal for both our Pack members and us.

We immediately implemented an in-line test to ensure proper installation. Going forward we'll be switching to two rivets per strap that are accessible from the inside and the outside. This way, while we don't anticipate any failures, the Pack can be easily repaired by a shoemaker or local leather craftsman for years to come.

Strap and handle length

We've also logged that, for anyone over 6ft tall, the shoulder straps may be too short. Some customers have modified their own packs to lengthen the bottom portions of the straps - impressive! We've lengthened the straps by 4" and all future packs (next drop TBD) will have a broader range of strap length. 

Similarly, we've heard from that the top handle is rather tight and can press the hardshell uncomfortably against your fingers when carrying. This has also been resolved by adding 2" length and cushioning the entire perimeter of the handle. This fix will be available as of our next product drop.