Your life's work deserves the best.

Work as we know it has totally changed, but our tools haven't.

Backpacks have become ubiquitous as the everyday carry of the knowledge worker but outside of convenience, they offer no particular advantage to this talented segment.  

We're here to change that.

Work and play are fluid. Meaningful work is the goal.

How we spend our days is ultimately how we spend our lives.

We're on a mission to transform your daily rituals into moments of delight and pride.


Design is all around us.

Borne out of the tech communities of San Francisco and Toronto, we make it possible to arrive to work energized, not sweaty. To look put together yet modern and innovative. And we offer data-driven optimization in a crucial part of our day that has previously been overlooked.

Billions of dollars are spent every year to optimize your ride to work or your inbox, but what about the cumulative days you waste each year looking through your bag? What about the first impression you make before you have a chance to speak?


Optimizing our belongings for their modern purpose

Grounded in 10,000 hours of first hand user research, we've rebuilt the backpack from first principles to address the persistent pain points of modern professionals.. Our flagship Pack offers a paradigm shift from status quo to empowered innovator.

Switching from a regular backpack to a WATSON is akin to going from ear bus to air pods. Or hand luggage to rolling luggage.

Just read our customer reviews.


We're on a mission to redefine modern luxury

We knew that owning the means of production would be essential in order to innovate in manufacturing and maintain the highest quality standards - both in our products and the jobs we create. This is why we handcraft our packs in Canada, use only renewable and fair-trade materials, and are pursuing a neutral carbon footprint by 2020.

We see a future where this is not a "nice to have" philosophy, but table stakes.

Ready to upgrade your everyday?

Ready to upgrade your everyday?