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Had dozens of packs in my lifetime...the Watson is my all time fav...its like having a portable office on your back! I understand I bought an early version and support the IRL development path they've chosen...But in the meantime, it's an amazing asset, and I'm on the road weekly, often 2 cities a week...(also it doesn't hurt that it gets great comments everywhere!)

So Happy....

So happy with my Watson Backpack, I use it every day to every occasion, could be happier

The backpack I was looking for!

I started looking for a new backpack simply because I just wanted one that can stand up on its own and found Watson. I'm so glad I did. They even solved the dangling straps problem, so it just looks clean. In addition, the interior feels very high quality, open/close mechanism is so much fun to use, and it is very sturdy.

All is good

Pack is very convenient
Thank you

Headturner.. Worth the wait..

Great looker with a rich finish. Lot of curious faces around, particularly when it stands effortlessly and swings down to open up. This one was totally worth the wait. Good decison.

Worth the Wait

Very early days with the backpack but really pleased. The ability to open and close one handed and for the par to sit up right is really useful. The internal storage pockets are large and accommodate what was in the messenger bag without any problems, but with improved accessibility. Received positive comments from others at work - "It looks from out of Men in Black"

This is incredible

Love this backpack. It's incredibly sleek and functional. Overall really happy with it!!

A functional, eye-catching bag

Imagine this…

Coming into a meeting with the Watson Backpack, placing it on the table, pressing the button and watching the door smoothly opens revealing all the necessary items for your journey. Eyes gaze at the clean and smooth lines, wondering how is it possible. Marvel at how easy it is to get everything you need without shifting items. No need to figure out which zipper to open. Just press the button and see all your items neatly organized and easily accessible.

Great backpack for busy professionals

I was one of the early few who got my hands on the Watson, and have been happily using it since. It's functional yet stylish. Water resistant, easy access, stands on it's own, everything is organized inside. It has become a core part of my daily habit and makes my life a bit easier, which in my opinion goes a long way.

Watson - A fitting name for this smart backpack

I never thought that I would call a backpack smart, but this really is such a smart design. The creators have thought of everything! It's extremely functional and organized, stands on it's own, opens with a click, protects my laptop with its hardshell and also looks great! There are so many features, some of which I'm still discovering as the needs come up.

I do get asked about it a lot as I'm wearing it, it's definitely an attention grabber. Some people get taken aback by the price, however, it is such an amazing product I would argue that it's well worth it. I've used my last backpack for over 5 years, daily and never leaving home without it. Would I spend $500 on a product I use this much? Absolutely!

I've been using Watson for about a month and I love it as much as I did on the first day. A huge thanks to the Watson team for creating it.

TLDR: 10/10. Highly recommend this to anyone.

Love Watson

It's almost exactly what I imaged. The design is sleek and I get a lot of comments on it.

Love it!!!

I really like that bags. I have co-workers loving it asking about it, etc

The most comfortable backpack I've ever worn

You wouldn't think a hardshell pack would be that comfy. But this outdoes any backpack I've ever owned by far. The thick memory foam on the back and straps are a delight. All the other features are super cool - but the comfort really stood out.

Would be nice in grey

I had been looking for a new backpack since starting a new job and I liked the sleek design. The guys in my office immediately asked about it - like when you're the first person to get the new iphone. There are some really cool features like the standing and the button and the lock, especially on the subway. Downside is it only comes in black. I would have liked a lighter color like gray for summer.

Great for business travel

The box was pretty beat up by the time it arrived, but no damage inside. I travel for business a lot and a luggage sleeve is not always easy to find in a backpack that also looks professional. I found this trick where I place it under my knees as kind of a lower leg rest on flights to create a recliner kind of setup. It fits well under the seat and is easy to get in and out of in economy where the seats seem to get smaller every year. It would be great if it also came in a larger weekender size, but overall it fits my needs. It seems like they had some fulfillment issues early on since I waited several months for it to arrive, but overall a good experience.

Futuristic Pack

I like that it's unique and fresh looking - I always get asked who makes it. It took awhile to ship since I guess I was an early pre-order but it was totally worth the wait.

SO comfortable

Wow, this is REALLY comfortable. I didn't know what to expect with a hardshell, comfort-wise, but the support and padding are really well done. The straps were a bit stiff-looking on the first wear, but they broke in after a week or so.

It was a hit!

I bought this as a birthday gift for my brother because it completely fits his style. Very cool but also practical. Took a while to ship and the design I thought was a bit risky but in the end it was a hit!

Nice upgrade for the team

The customization is what did it. I got them for the whole team. Made an awesome impression on the new-hires especially.

Ok, the opening is really

Ok, the opening is really satisfying. It feels almost automated somehow. There should be more videos to show how it works.

It's like having your own assistant

I definitely underestimated the standup feature. Having my stuff easily accessible by my side throughout the day felt like I had my own little assistant. They've really thought of all the little annoyances and solved them on another level.

This is a massive upgrade

I got to test a beta version of Watson earlly this year. My old backpack was the usual kind - black, Swiss Army, free - so I usually switch to a briefcase for important meetings, but this was so sleek and minimal I could wear it anywhere. For a backpack, that's something.


The pack is everything I hoped for - light, durable, stylish, and the most awesome is easy-access to everything. If there is a limitation, it's that the pack is a little small (to hold a book/papers), and stuff can be a little hard to see...but generally, I view this as a way to encourage packing less not more, which is not a bad thing.

I love it!perfect for business.

Not heavy and productive and uselful with nice design.

Happy with Watson

All my daily needs for computer, tablet, power supply and accessories fits in well withing Watson. My only gripe is with the handle bar on the top - not long enough for my hands to grip.