The Refined Minimalist's Wallet

What is a wallet even for anymore? It's almost obsolete.

Reserved for a special meeting or check-in moment, shouldn't your wallet look and feel as modern as you do?

  • Don't mistake the small size for a constraint

    • Holds 3-5 cards & cash USD/EUR/GBP
    • Aluminum protected edges
    • Carbontex™ & bioleather gives luxe longevity
  • Reimagine your carry

    • Pop-up pull tab for cash and ID
    • Tap payments enabled primary card
    • Flexible sit-safe card protection
  • A much needed update to the classic bifold

    • Aluminum protected edges
    • Covert access pull tab for cash and ID
    • Tap payments enabled primary card
  • Crafted at the intersection of utility and simplicity.

    • Holds 8+ cards & cash USD/EUR/GBP
    • Carbontex™ and bioleather give supple longevity
    • Flexible sit-safe card protection

    Tap your primary card at lightning speed or save the day with that emergency bill you stashed.


    Feel confident every time you pull out your wallet, thanks to the carbon-leather fusion that keeps it looking pristine.


    The Card Holder and Wallet measure just 5mm and 6mm respectively. Innovative materials protect cards and offer flexible comfort.


    Like you, Harvey Specter is uncompromising. Our founder, former stylist at the hit TV series SUITS, designs precisely at the intersection of form & function.

Engineered for Today & Tomorrow

Innovative materials bring refinement and durability to your worn out wallet.

The Card Holder and Wallet combine the comfort of leather with the longevity of carbon, so you don't have to compromise.

  • Designed

  • Engineered

  • Manufactured

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Founded in 2016 by SUITS' stylist and a NASCAR engineer, WATSON are mad scientists of patented, future-facing everyday accessories.