What's it like to carry WATSON?

Your daily carry is important. It affects how you enter every room. We recently asked customers to share their experience. Here's what to expect from WATSON - straight from the Pack.

As expected, the critique of people saying ‘how much for a backpack’ fell away as they saw it open.

It is an engineer’s envy.

To one colleague who asked why? Or said I had too much money (which is sort of true also) my answer

Well, I know that when walking around SFO, some-one will use this backpack as an opener and they will turn out to be a more valuable and interesting connection. That’s the reason I am in town”. High affinity for technologically proficient investors.

Also, if it turns out the person is a creative arts major with a link to urban pottery, then that would be equally enthralling to learn why they are also interested in the product.

The mechanism, ease of access, pocket designs inside and all that are exactly what I was searching for. The opening is a great innovation in backpacks. I had a backpack that people were constantly telling me was ‘open’. But all I wanted was a sleeve for my laptop on my back and not deal with zippers. The one touch open and accessibility inside is great. Also, the ease of getting headphones in and out is cool. As the creator of Dolby Headphone, tuner of Dolby Dimension headphones, and Angel investor in Nura headphones…. Let’s say I have plenty of models to test the backpack with.

Glenn Dickins, Technologist, Investor, Advisor, Principal Architect of Convergence - Dolby

I’m old enough to be able to cash in an IRA without tax penalties, which means I have had a lot of backpacks in my time (and messenger bags and even a Zero Haliburton once)

I average 4-5 miles a day moving through the subways and streets of NYC juggling a day job and an entrepreneurial venture.

I’m also still a road warrior —for 14 of the next 28 days I’ll be in 4 cities, 4 hotel rooms and take 10 airplane flights — which means I need to be really organized and productive while in constant motion.

I invested in the Watson a full year before it was available, during that time I toggled between an amazing Zeyner leather motorcycle back page and a Tumi briefcase, both great looking, neither the perfect solution

Until the Watson.

This is like having a office space on your back — a portable, personal cubicle — with better interaction design.

Access, storage, simplicity, ruggedness and comfort. Very flexible design gives me the basics of laptop, documents, accessories, and ‘stuff’ (chapstick anyone?), but also rapidly adapt to travel or special circumstance, like a work event or transcontinental airplane flight.

And I get more comments from TSA (and on the street) about the Watson than I did for the metal studded Zeyner!!

Worth every penny — and they’re very customer focused…I had product suggestion and ended up having a long email convo with Watson themself!!

Hope this helps.

Steven Merahn, MD

I’m a Watson owner/backer from the Kickstarter days and have had my pack for over a year and I absolutely love it! It’s spacious enough to safely transport my 15” MacBook Pro and my 11” iPad Pro as well as having remaining space for other stuff like backup batteries, flashlight, cables and cable management. The zippered pocket is great for all the small loose items like thumb drives and adapters. This may sound a bit counterintuitive but I also greatly appreciate the limits inherent in having a hard shell backpack. I had a tendency to overstuff my old soft packs resulting in a 30-45lb backpack with too much ancillary junk to sort through. The built in eyeglass case is indispensable. It utilizes the lesser used space at the top of the pack freeing up precious room in the lower area.

The hinged door works beautifully and the WOW factor when I open the case is priceless! I’m constantly receiving positive comments from my cast and crew not to mention strangers on the street! It is a stunning looking pack and extremely functional.

I’d also like to mention the exceptional customer service I’ve received from Watson.The few minor issues I have had (it is a brand new version 1 product) were addressed quickly and effectively while still making me feel like an important member of the Watson family!

Thank you for your time.


Jocco, Los Angeles

I’ve been a Watson Backpack user for many months now and I use it fairly vigorously, to give you an example I travel outside of the UK at least once a week, My Watson weighs in at 10.2 Kilos (not that I weigh it a baggage drop off a lot ) fully laden and it is without a doubt the most comfortable backpack I’ve ever worn.

An example of this would be the 45 minute trek between gates at Frankfurt Airport with Watson on weighing as much as it does fully laden ( iPad Pro, MacBook, three batteries, enough chargers to light a city, you get the idea) and once I’d got to the gate and then walked further to the lounge I was in no discomfort what so ever. I have never had a backpack I can say this about before.

Everywhere I take Watson people comment on it from Custom officials at the airport to clients, its look the very unique opening mechanism, and then when they see how much you can actually store in it and how organized it is internally they are even more gobsmacked.

The Side pocket I use for my passport is so handy and also I think its supposed to fit an umbrella but I use it for water

It’s so easy to open and remove my gear at airports and the ability to have it standing on its end so stable at meetings next to me and retrieve my things is just something I’m never going to be able to move away from. I know you can do this with other bags but generally when you take your laptop out they collapse or lose shape not so with Watson.

I could go on and on but basically for such as small form factor it carries so much and is so comfortable.

I hope this helps,

Lee - Consultant, London, UK

I'm proud to be one of the first owners of Watson.

The first thing that blew my mind about Watson was a push-button to open it. I've never seen anything like this before. No more zippers and once it's open it has compartments for all key things that I use daily - everything from my laptop to a power bank. Everything has its own spot and nicely organized.

The second thing that I love about Watson is that it stands up. It's like an assistant standing beside your desk, ready to serve any of your needs - you can reach in and in seconds get anything you need either it's a charger or your noise-canceling headphones. All the other backpacks I owned always fell over and I had to find a perfect balance setting it against the table leg and then ruffle through it to get what I need.

The last thing that actually took some time to get used to - people chasing me down the street. A few weeks after I got my Watson, I was walking in Manhattan when this person approached me from behind breathing heavily, seemed like was running to catch up. I was puzzled, then he asked what was the backpack I was wearing. I have at least a dozen stories like that - everything from TSA stopping me to play with it (almost missed my flight) to having to do a demo of how it works in an elevator :)

Nikolai Bratkovski, CEO Opencare

Great backpack for a professional. I’m a principal of one Toronto’s fastest growing construction firms. I switched from my Tumi to Watson. The hard case was a new experience, but once I got used to it I can’t go back. Half the time you’re on the go, your bags flops on the ground in neetings - it’s stupid and dirty. Watson solved that. Plus I love the black-on-black and clean lines.  

Huge fan!

Mark G., Toronto

In short, I'm a backpack guy and this is by far the best backpack I've ever owned. I've been using it now for over a year and I still absolutely love it, for a number of reasons:

  1. It's super comfortable. The straps, back pads and the hard-shell makes it truly ergonomic, or at least as ergonomic as a backpack can be. I feel like it's made my posture better over the year.
  2. It stands on its own. Although it seems like a small feature, I got so used to it, I can never go to a regular backpack. I don't need a wall, a table leg, a chair, or anything to lean it against. Instead it stand perfectly next to me, waiting to be used.
  3. It's smart. One button opening, smooth motions, bottle holders, charger holders, secure pockets, luggage strap and more. I got to geek really out and fit all my essentials from an extra battery and various charging cables, to my med kit.
  4. It's cool. Every meeting I go to, I get asked about it. It looks different, it opens different and it's not something anyone has seen before.

If my wife can have a nice purse, why shouldn't I get a nice backpack that I use literally every day?

Pavel Tchourliaev, co-founder, COO, Toronto

I had been looking for a strong but light hard shell bag, to travel light but keep all business tools at hand and nothing ever seemed to deliver what I was looking for. I felt hopeful when I purchased the Watson pack and I was right. I keep my all electronics (MacBook, iPad, iPhone, etc.) in it plus whatever small items that change on a daily basis. The efficient compartments keep me organized to find it all quickly and easily rather than the usual chaos. ;) It’s slick black design enable me to wear the pack either formally or casually. One word: Phenomenal.

Justin K. EIR, San Francisco

I bought Watson for business travel last year and since then, I can't bear to carry anything else.

Anyone who has walked endless terminal corridors knows a backpack is extremely convenient over messenger or shoulder bags. But what I didn't expect is I didn't want to go back to my usual work tote when I got home. This backpack doesn't look so much like a backpack, it's something else. Slim and minimal but at the same time a real conversation starter.

Working as an e-commerce consultant, clients especially notice when we get up to leave a meeting room, and everyone else is rummaging around on the floor. Because it stands on it's own and snaps shut mechanically, I'm out the door sooner than anyone, and they follow behind asking questions about this high-tech thing I've got. It's memorable and has a high affinity for tech-savvy connections. Not many items I own make such an impression and it's the most comfortable bag I've ever carried.

Nancy W., Toronto

I have thoroughly enjoyed my Watson backpack. So much so that it never leaves my side. As a business attorney, I had never previously used a backpack on an everyday basis - not before Watson arrived on the scene, that is. But this backpack is so innovative in its functionality, comfort and convenience, and so well-constructed with quality materials throughout, that it has motivated me into adopting it as my daily driver for both work and play. The Watson backpack is at home with a business suit as much as with a pair of jeans, and I love how it is engineered to provide me with immediate access to my laptop, tablet and their related accessories, such as to my backup battery and charging cable through the dedicated side pocket. My favourite feature of Watson is the very stable “stand-up” orientation of the backpack, making it a joy to use and access without any fumbling or fuss. My kudos to you for providing us with such a breakthrough product!

Alfred M. Toronto