How it Works

At WATSON, we're taking a fresh approach to your Daily Carry, and to intentional just-in-time production

It’s all driven by a simple goal: better carrying.

The economic, material, and biological climate is changing and these realities require new business models. We were tired of being sold out when our core customers wanted to upgrade, or gift the pack to a loved one. It's also increasingly unfeasible to hold large quantities of inventory. For us, the products are very labour intensive, so it helps our business to flow if we can align the timing of that expense as close to the customers’ needs as possible. And so, a shift to just-in-time production, for pre-registered members. This way, we always know how much to make - not more not less.

To receive a WATSON Pack, you must first join the ledger. The WATSON ledger acts as our guide each iteration; we make one Pack for every name on our ledger, no more. Working in this way allows WATSON to remain true to traditional, small batch production processes and - by being so tightly controlled - to minimize waste. 

The Ledger System #

The idea is simple: We keep a small list of clients (the ledger), and we make our Packs exclusively for these clients. Nobody else. 

Once your name is on the ledger, we’ll build you one Pack every three years and recycle your previous one. New Packs will be released in September, 2026.

You’re free to leave at any time - but if you choose to stay, your space is guaranteed for life. Ledger members (Pack owners) gain access to exclusive upgrades and future product design input in our Ledger Community.

Right now the Pack 3.0 ledger is full. But, the waiting list will be open and if you’re interested we encourage you to sign up. If we do find you a space, it’ll be worth the wait!

You can sign up below, and we’ll send you an SMS when a space comes up.