Watson black slim business travel laptop backpack for macbook pro
Watson black slim business travel laptop backpack for macbook pro

Carrying the world forward

Reconsidered for the future of work, meet the new Pack 3.0
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Watson business laptop backpack for macbook

Imagine a Pack built from ground zero

What if you could rely on your Pack to make a great impression, stand at the ready, protect your devices - rain or shine- and save you precious time every day? The all new Pack 3.0 is designed from the ground up for the future of work.

Watson business travel backpack slim black for macbook laptop

For wherever your life's work takes you

From airport, to boardroom, to co-working session, the Pack is optimized for the work-from-anywhere era.

Watson slim business backpack

level up your daily rituals

Our world is full of objects that are masters of none. WATSON is laser focused on optimizing your everyday. Access essentials without removing your Pack? Standard.

Business travel backpack by Watson

Your reimagined business partner

No matter the project, WATSON carries your complete work setup. The Pack's 19L capacity boasts meticulous interior organization, memory foam supported back and straps, luggage sleeve, and more.

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Watson business laptop backpack waterproof

Peace of mind in any conditions

Hard shell architecture not only protects your devices from bumps and drops, but keeps all of your important assets dry with a waterproof gasket seal.

Watson business travel backpack

Two-factor secured access

Easy access for you doesn't mean easy access for others. The Pack's subtle two-factor latch ensures your valuables are secure while on the go.

Watson business slim laptop case

The future belongs to those brave enough to create it

We believe that investing in best in class materials and R&D pays dividends daily. Taking the leap to hardshell technology has opened up infinite possibilities for what a Pack can do. Integral laptop stand? Yep, it does that too.

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Praise for the Pack

"Frequent business travellers have a dilemma: carry a briefcase or carry a backpack and look like they’re a suit-wearing summer camper. The WATSON is a stylish, high quality-compromise."

"One of our top 5 picks of cool and helpful gadgets, this hardshell backpack will elevate your experience and your look."

"The WATSON Pack promises to bring the comfort of a backpack with the professionalism and style of a briefcase."

"WATSON’s minimalistic design will turn heads whether you’re at the office or on the train."

Watson business backpack black slim laptop case

Ready to level up?

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