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Limited release, community-informed design.

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  • "Business travellers have a dilemma: carry a backpack and look like they’re a summer camper, or carry a briefcase. Watson is a stylish, high quality solution."

  • "A minimalist pack for the tech essentialist, Watson is a pristine, high-end statement piece that somehow doesn't draw unwanted attention." - Alex Kwa

  • "Its automatic one-touch access, premium materials, and meticulous design redefine the backpack experience." - The Gadget Flow

  • "If Peak Design is Thor, this is Loki." - Chase Reeves' Video Review

Collective creation

Our Story

Inspired by the fast-moving tech communities of Toronto + San Francisco, WATSON was founded in 2017 with the help of 1,680 founding backers. Since then, our community + team have exploded across 28 countries.

In 2024, we're transitioning to a just-in-time ledger system to keep our business agile in the face of rapid environmental change.

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Our Designers

Created by 5th generation entrepreneur + inventor Val Crisp, former fashion buyer at the hit TV series SUITS.

Engineered in collaboration with ex-NASCAR pit crew, bringing automotive inspiration, pragmatism + performance to the Pack.

Manufactured in partnership with the same factories that serve industry leaders Rimowa, Pelican + Away.

  • Durability First

    Most backpacks break sooner than they should, resulting in huge material waste and cost. We've designed away split zippers + invested in automotive grade materials - so you know your Pack will last.

  • Material Traceability

    Our American-owned factories source from only the top rated suppliers of recycled and low VOC materials.

  • Closed Loop Recycling

    Recycled + recyclable materials are only as good as the systems that can process them. We'll take back your Pack at the end of it's life and recycle its components.

  • Upgraded Device Sleeves

    Padded, false bottom laptop sleeve with magnetic closure, padded tablet sleeve, dongle organization and more.

  • Robust Access Mechanism

    Tens of thousands of users helped us evolve our mechanics for security and consistency.

  • Hidden Passport Pocket

    NEW hidden passport pocket keeps your most important document safe.

Co-created design

Pack Members Know

What's life like with The Pack?

Super-connectors love the conversations it starts.

Productivity hackers dig the stand-up efficiency and travel features.

No matter your preference, our member-requested features will take your daily routine to the next level.

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