Push to Start

Work has changed, shouldn't our tools?

The Pack is a freestanding backpack engineered for performance and delight. With the push of a button, your devices are instantly presented. The innovative hard shell keeps a professional silhouette no matter the contents.


"If Peak Design is Thor, this is Loki."

- Chase Reeves, Matterful.co

  • "Frequent business travellers have a dilemma: carry a briefcase or carry a backpack and look like they’re a suit-wearing summer camper. The Watson is a stylish, high quality compromise."

  • "The Watson Pack promises to bring the comfort of a backpack with the professionalism and style of a briefcase."

  • "One of our top 5 picks of cool and helpful gadgets, this hardshell backpack will elevate your experience and your look."

  • "Watson’s minimalistic design will turn heads whether you’re at the office or on the train."

  • Two-Factor Security

    Swipe the discreet lock for complete peace of mind to and from your destination.

  • Optimized Organization

    Engineered to your daily routine, the 19L Pack fits your laptop, headphones, tablet and more.

  • Flush-Set Bottle Sleeve

    There when you need it. Out of sight when you don't. It's the little things.

"A great innovation in backpacks"

The mechanism, ease of access, pocket designs inside and all that are exactly what I was searching for... Also, the ease of getting headphones in and out is cool. As the creator of Dolby Headphone, tuner of Dolby Dimension headphones, and Angel investor in Nura headphones….  Let’s say I have plenty of models to test the backpack with. The opening is a great innovation in backpacks.

Glenn Dickins - technologist, investor, advisor, CTO at Audinate

Watson backpack that stands up for professionals and business travel. Modern slim laptop backpack for macbook pro 13

Elaborately Simple

What do you get when you ask a SUITS stylist and NASCAR engineers to dream up a backpack that stands up to the future of work? Magic.

Integral laptop stand?

Yep, you've got it. We threw out the rule book years ago and never looked back.