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The Card Holder

The Card Holder

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A slim, flexible, card holder that holds up to 6 cards and cash in a hard-wearing, minimalist case.

Innovative Carbontex™ material flexes like leather and protects like carbon - so your wallet looks as good as new for years.

  • 1000 Day Guarantee
  • Premium Materials: Carbontex™ & Leather
  • Designed by ex-SUITS alumni

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  • Slim Profile

    The Card Holder is just 6mm thick, thanks to prioritized card access and efficient, lightweight materials.

  • Prioritized Access

    The tab pocket keeps lesser used cards and cash in the slimmest space possible, versus individual slots you rarely use.

  • Future Facing Materials

    Aluminum protected edges, Carbontex™ & recycled leather give luxe longevity so your wallet looks as good on day 1000 as day one.

How It Works

INSERT your primary cards in the front card slots

STASH emergency cash or less frequently used cards in the back

WEAR in your front or back pocket comfortably

ACCESS the back compartment by pulling the tab


Why We're Different

When it comes to everyday essentials, we reject the status quo in favour of the best possible outcome designed from first principles.

The Card Holder is informed by over 10,000 pieces of user feedback collected at scale to bring you the perfect solution for the modern world.

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How many cards can it fit?

3-6 cards, depending on your cash needs.

The Card Holder is designed to fit three cards in the front slots and an additional two cards plus 1 bill.

Why should I join the waitlist?

Joining the Waitlist is the first step to unlocking 50% OFF! Plus, it ensures we make enough product to meet demand. It helps us plan production. By joining the waitlist, we earmark a Card Holder just for you.

What are the dimensions of the Card Holder

The card holder measures 80mm x 110mm x 6mm.

Can it fit bills and other currencies?

The Card Holder fits bills folded in half. USD, GBP, and Euros up to 50.

What is it made of?

The Card Holder is made of a flexible carbon fibre formulated just for WATSON called Carbontex™. Unlike typical carbon fibre wallets, it is textured like the weave of the carbon fabric and flexible for comfortable carrying.

The front card slots are made of a recycled leather, sourced locally in London, UK.

The bezel that surrounds the cardholder and protects the edges is made of aluminum, much like an Iphone.

Shipping, Warranty & Returns

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3 year warranty, no questions asked. (Actually, we'd love to know what kind of trouble you got up to!)

30 day returns. For complete terms and conditions, click here.

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